Shaman Inka’s magic book e-book


Welcome to the mysterious world of Shaman Inka’s magic book. It is a story about the eternal battle between good and evil. It is a heart-warming story about love and friendship. Enter a fairy tale world filled with adventure and magic!

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Age recommendation 10+

The second tale is a continuation of the story about the shamaness Inka. Many years have passed since Inka remained in Lapland as the only shamaness. All these years, she never stopped learning magic from the ancient wise book that she inherited from her ancestors. Her aunt, the shamaness Tuulinen, having lost her magical powers, passed away. She left behind a little daughter, Tuuli, whom Inka raised. She gave this orphan girl all her kindness, attention, and affection, but the genes made themselves known.

Unfortunately, Inka never found mutual understanding with her cousin Tuuli, although she raised her with love, affection, and care. The girl had complete freedom so she could express her personality. When shamaness Tuuli turned 18, she showed her personality by refusing to become a good shamaness.

The world of tales about the shamaness Inka is wonderful. As in the first tale, positive characters are opposed by hostile and evil forces of the fairy-tale state. Despite all obstacles, Good triumphs over Evil!


Author(s): T. Karjalainen/ Juhani Jääskeläinen

Language: English

Number of Pages: 92

Release year: 2023


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