Fairy-Tale of the Shaman Inka e-book


The fairy tale Shaman Inka provides ways for children to receive important messages, and it is a wonderful way for children to express feelings like happiness or sadness. We think the fairy tale Shamanka Inka is good for self-regulation, behaviour, and relationships. It is a story about good and evil and how they balance each-other out in the world. After reading this, children will understand why people are different and why it is important to be kind and accepting.

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Age recommendation 5+

The Inka shamaness does not have the right to participate in shamanic dances on Lake Inariyarvi, although it is her most cherished dream. One day, she decides to break the rules and secretly appear at Inariyarvi, at the moment when the shamans are dancing. However, her aunt, the shamaness Tuulinen, notices her and the shamans burn her drum. At that moment, Inka decides to prove to all the shamans that she is a good shamaness. To do this, Inka must pass an exam in magic in a year’s time and prove that she is a good shamaness. But Inka took the prescription to be a good shamaness literally: she disenchant a fawn – a princess, who was once long ago enchanted by the nasty aunt Tuulinen.

On the challenging path of mastering the wisdom of magical craftsmanship, the wise owl Yukka, who replaced her parents, helps the shamaness.

On the day of the exam, the shamans, led by the main shamaness Rutu, acknowledge her magical skills. But when it comes to aunt Tuulinen, she reads in her black book that Inka broke the law by disenchanting the fawn-princess, who was supposed to remain enchanted for a long time. The shamans, especially Rutu, are angry and outraged. It turns out that a good shamaness is one who does only evil and mischief. The offended shamans fly away.

All night, Inka reads and searches for an answer in the ancient book. And she finds it! The next day, she burns the hats of all the shamans on a bonfire. Thus, Inka becomes the only shamaness in the world who is kind and responsive.


Author(s): T. Karjalainen

Language: English

Number of pages : 76

Release year: 2023


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